Hellas Pet Enclosures​​
"Call The Catio People!"
Providing custom built outdoor cat enclosures for their safety, health, enrichment and your peace of mind!
Our Mission
Hellas Pet Enclosures is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership through providing safe, fun outdoor enclosures for the enrichment and longevity of your cats life. Part of our mission is to be active in the rescue community through donations, promotions and even fostering during the winter months. We have over 25 years of building construction experience that we use to ensure the quality, strength and safety of our products and installations. Our enclosures are custom built to suit your space, and the needs of your cat(s). Even if you live in a condo, apartment or are renting, we have worked with condo boards and landlords to make an aesthetically pleasing, removable enclosure.

Anything is possible with a custom design!

Why an Enclosure?

There are many reasons to invest in a safe and healthy outdoor environment for your cat, they face many risks when able to roam freely;
-being hit by a motor vehicle.
-disease or poisoning/pesticides.
-being attacked by stray or free roaming cats, dogs, coyotes or overhead

-unhappy neighbours threatening them or you!
-encountering people that dislike our furry felines and harming them.
-being locked in someone's shed, garage or just outright stolen.
-shorter life span.
-danger to our wild bird population.

What do our clients say about their cats behaviour after we've built them an enclosure/cat run?
-cats have more energy and enthusiasm.
-They don't hang around the doors waiting for a chance to slip out.
-They sleep better at night with all the fresh air and bird watching.
-Cats gain confidence, especially when they have independent access to    

  their enclosure.
-They get their exercise running and jumping around in their enclosure.
-The feeling of safety, strays or predators can't get them, even the family 

  dog can't bother them.
-cats that have roamed around freely, like rescued cats, have adapted to,

  and enjoy their new safe environment.

They are our beloved feline family members, we are their voice, it's up to us to ensure that they are safe in the great outdoors. 

The peace of mind we gain is priceless.
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